Drug Lords In Uzbekistant

An uzbekistan man has been caught with 2200$ worth of cocaine, trying to get them over the border to Kazakhstan. The 32 years old man, admits to the police that he works for Mirzaev Abduforukh Abdugafarovich.

Mirzaev is a business-man from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. He owns many businesses, including the famous Sadaf-Stomatologyia; where police think that it’s the lab for the drugs.

The man whose been caught with the drugs is a 32 years old man, that has a wife and a child. Police caught him at the Tashkent Airport, with cocaine. While the police investigation, the man admitted that he was working for Mirzaev’s drug business, in exchange for good money to help his family.

The business-man was called to come to Tashkent as fast as possible. When arrived he denies all that happened. After a period of time the police found in one of his cabinets, the lab where the cocaine was made. There were 15 people working when the police arrived. All of the people were poor and Mirzaev promised them money and a place to live if needed.

Later that day, Mirzaev was arrested for drug dealing, owning and making; the sentence can go up to 48 years of prison, being one of the biggest crimes in Uzbekistan in the last 2 years.

‘’There are going to be almost 20 people punished for his <<business>>. People with ill family members and child to raise.’’, says the police.

After file control, police found out that Mirzaev had problems with drugs when he was a teen, and also had drinking problems. 

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